9-1-1 Addressing

Legal Authority to name streets and address buildings is granted to boroughs in Section 1201 paragraph 25 of the Borough Code; and granted to Second Class Townships in Section 702, Subsection 37 of the Second Class Township Code.

Based on this authority, the municipalities of Lawrence County shall have the right and responsibility to assign names to all roadways and addresses to all addressable buildings, as set forth herein.

The Pennsylvania County Code, Article XIX (9), Section 1997, as amended, grants counties the responsibility for the health and safety of county residents. It is the opinion of the Lawrence County Board of County Commissioners that a complete and systematic house numbering system will promote the general welfare of Lawrence County residents.

The Lawrence County GIS Committee, consisting of the Department of Public Safety, the Planning Department and the Assessment Office administers the Lawrence County Street Naming and Addressing Policy.  The purpose of this policy is to establish standards for naming roadways, posting street signs and assigning numbers to all dwelling, principal buildings, businesses and industries; and to assist emergency service agencies, the United States Postal Service and the public in the timely and efficient provision of services to residents and businesses of Lawrence County.
You can view the entire Lawrence County Street Naming and Addressing Policy here.

Are you building a new structure?  Need a new address?
  1. All requests must fill out a standard “911 Address Request” form.  This process will take approximately two to four weeks from the time it is received. Please do not call to expedite your application.  If you need verification that your form arrived at the office you will need to send the application certified mail with return receipt requested or if you send it via fax you will have to send it from a fax machine that provides confirmation that the fax was received.
  2. You can obtain a “911 Address Request” form from the following means
  3. Upon completion of the form you should return the form according to the instructions on it, including an accurate map of the location of the proposed new structure and any addresses of surrounding properties with names.

Do you need confirmation of an existing address?
Fill out the "Request for Confirmation of 9-1-1 Address for Existing Structures" form, available here.  We cannot confirm the name of any occupants.  We can only confirm that an address is valid.

Are you a developer or a contractor, looking to assign addresses to a new subdivision?
In order to assign addresses to your subdivision, the Lawrence County Department of Public Safety now requires an electronic CAD drawing.  In order for us to process your requests efficiently, please allow sufficient time prior to construction.  There are some preparation steps that should be taken with your drawings so that we may process your request more efficiently:
  1. Identification
    There must be some easy way to identify the drawing with two or more existing points already in the GIS system.  This enables our staff to transform your CAD data into the GIS system.  One or more of the following methods must be used:
    1. Identify two correct GPS coordinates (Lat/Long – Degrees Minutes Seconds) for labeled points on the site plan
    2. Identify two intersections (centerlines) of existing roads on the drawing—in addition to your new roads. 
    3. Intersections of an existing road and your proposed roads are helpful but will not suffice.  These existing intersections will allow us to place your drawing file in correct scaling and relation of our GIS system.
    4. Identify one whole existing road (centerlines from start to finish).
  2. Drawing Format
    The drawing shall be in an AutoCAD DWG format with easily recognizable layer names.  You can filter out some of the layers(e.g. titleblocks, sanitary and stormwater layers, etc.) if you like.  However, the following information must be contained in the drawing:
    1. Identification data as listed above.
    2. Street Centerlines (street boundaries are also helpful, but centerlines are absolutely required)
    3. Proposed street names (subject to approval after being checked against County’s Master Street Address Guide for duplicates.
    4. Lot boundaries and lines
    5. Locations of existing / proposed structures
The drawing(s) can be delivered on floppy/CD or via email to:
Mr. Allen Miller
County of Lawrence
430 Court St
New Castle, PA  16101
Are you a private entity wishing to purchase data (Street names/ranges, structures without names) from the Lawrence County GIS System?
Please reference our Data Information Request document here.  Fees apply.