Department Of Public Safety Staff

Jeffrey R. Parish
 Director of Public Safety
724-202-7101 Ext.3701
724-658-5760 ( Fax)
Chad Strobel
Deputy Director of Public Safety
      (724)202-7102 Ext.3702 
(724)658-5760 (Fax)

Richard hoover
911 director/Coordinator
(724)202-7104 Ext.3704
 Tina M. Marshall
EMA/EMS Planner
724-202-7105 Ext.3705

Debra Henson
EMA Administrative Assistant Coordinator
724-202-7106 Ext.3706
Justin Grogan
Technology Specialist
724-202-7107 Ext.3707

David White
Fire / Hazmat Technician