Hurricane Sandy - 10/27/12 13:00 LCDPS Briefing / Sitrep

posted Oct 27, 2012, 9:56 AM by Brian Melcer

Current EOC Status :

Not Activated

Shelter Status :


Incidents of Significance :


Current Weather Summary                  

    Rain (Light-Moderate)  46 deg, Daily Precip .28”

    No river/stream gauges nearing flood stage

    ** NOTE : LCDPS sent inquiry to NWS Pittsburgh regarding status of New Castle (Shenango River) gauge

Current Posture :

    Monitoring local area, will distribute briefings as information is received




Attached is the latest briefing from the NWS regarding Hurricane Sandy.


NWS Pittsburgh Core Partners,

Please see the attached summary graphic and weather briefing package for more information on the impacts of Sandy on our region.


Executive Summary

  1. A much cooler air mass has arrived with an arctic cold front.  Temperatures will continue to decrease over the weekend.
  2. The remnants of Sandy still are forecast to have significant impacts on the Upper Ohio Valley.
  3. Threats- The most widespread threat across the area will be for very heavy rain and flooding.  Heavy rain may lead to flooding creeks and streams early this week and rivers later this week.  Heavy wet snow will be possible in the higher elevations and strong winds will be possible across the area.
  4. Snow looks more to be an impact for the ridges, first accumulating on grassy surfaces and then potentially on roads. Snow accumulation this time of year will largely be dependent on the ground temperature.
  5. The time window of any significant weather should be late Monday through Thursday.