P25 Radio Contract awarded to Motorola Solutions, Inc., microwave contract to Microwave Networks/Communications International

posted Jun 11, 2014, 8:37 AM by Brian Melcer
At their meeting yesterday, the Lawrence County Commissioners awarded the contract for a new P25 Digital VHF (Phase II) radio system to Motorola Solutions, Inc.  and a contract for Microwave Radio connectivity between the sites to Microwave Networks/Communications International.

Radio Infrastructure Contract
The contract with Motorola is in the amount of $5,705,384, and will include the following items:
  • 8 P25 Phase II VHF sites for radio infrastructure (tower construction will be awarded in a separate contract)
  • 7 position MCC-7500 console system for the new 9-1-1 center to be located on County Line Rd
    • Interfaces to recording and CAD systems
  • APX series subscriber units and accessories for all Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement agencies (mobile, control stations and portables)
    • AES Encryption for Law Enforcement agencies
    • Enhanced data on all subscriber units
    • Unified network services and GPS on EMS and certain law enforcement vehicles
    • Over the Air Programming and Radio Management8 site digital paging system and alphanumeric pagers (tone and voice paging upgrades will be performed under separate contract)
  • UHF/700-800/VHF interoperability stations strategically placed throughout the county to enhance communications with neighboring counties
The radio infrastructure system is expected to be a part of the ICORRS regional radio system shared with the other Region 13 counties of Armstrong, Indiana.  This will be the first VHF and Phase II system placed on the ICORRS master switch in Westmoreland County.  Lawrence County is currently in negotiations with Motorola and the ICORRS Council to make this regional effort a reality.  Lawrence County expects that joining the ICORRS system will save the county approximately $300,000 of the cost of the new system up front and even more significant savings over a 10 year cost of maintaining the system.

Microwave Backhaul Contract
The contract for Microwave Networks/Communications International is in the amount of $798,940.  It will provide 99.9995% reliable backhaul in a looped configuration between the 8 sites in the system.

Next Steps
We are excited to move to the next step in the County's Capital Upgrade program, which will entail detailed design reviews and system setup.  Subscriber units are expected to be delivered this summer and installed into first responder vehicles this year.  They will be able to operate on the existing system and easily migrate to the new system, which is anticipated to be accepted and completed in late 2015 or early 2016.  Public safety staff are currently verifying inventory totals with each first responder organization so that an appropriate order can be placed.

We also anticipate awarding a contract for tower construction very soon, with construction commencing this summer.