Emergency Management

The mission of the Lawrence County Department of Public Safety is to protect the citizens, property and businesses of Lawrence County by establishing a program of planning, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery for any natural or man-made event.  Lawrence County's emergency management program is in compliance with Pennsylvania's Emergency Management Services Code (35 Pa. C. S. Section 7101-7707).  Our office maintains a comprehensive program addressing all of the phases of the emergency management process:
  1. Mitigation.  "Preventing future emergencies or minimizing their effects"
    Activities that either prevent the occurrence of an emergency or reduce Lawrence County's vulnerability to all types of hazards, whether natural or manmade.
  2. Preparedness - "Preparing to handle an emergency"
    Activities such as planning, emergency training and exercises, or public education regarding community preparedness that take place before and emergency occurs.
  3. Response - "Responding safely to an emergency"
    Actions taken to save lives and to prevent further property or environmental damage.  Response is putting our preparedness plans into action.
  4. Recovery - "Recovering from an emergency"
    Actions taken to return to normal or even safer after an emergency.
Click on the links above to learn more about the programs and services our office offers in each phase of the emergency management process.
In addition, Lawrence County consists of one city, ten boroughs and 16 townships. Each of these entities are responsible for assignment of a Municipal Coordinator to ensure adequate response to any event occurring in that area of the county. The Municipal Coordinator receives training on all aspects of their responsibilities.  Each entity is also responsible for implementation of an Emergency Operations Plan.  These plans are kept at the Emergency Operations Center as well as at every municipal building in the County.  The Department of Public Safety also has a County-wide Emergency Operations Plan on location.  These plans are developed to assist in mitigating, planning, responding and recovering from a disaster.
When a disaster strikes, the Department of Public Safety staff as well as key volunteers stand up the County's Emergency Operations Center.  This center serves as a command, control or support element to the on scene units, depending on the type of incident.