Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Material Emergency Planning and Response Act, Pennsylvania Act 1990-165, was promulgated in December 1990 and amended in February 2001. It implements the planning and preparedness requirements of Federal SARA Title III.  In order to comply with Act 165 as well as other federal regulations, the Lawrence County Department of Public Safety coordinates readiness to hazardous materials incidents in Lawrence County through several measures:

  1. Lawrence County is a designated  Local Emergency Planning District.  Lawrence County has an active "Local Emergency Planning Committee" (LEPC) you can find more information about our LEPC Committee and can be obtained here.
  2. Lawrence County currently provides operational level response to hazardous materials incidents in Lawrence County.  Offensive operations are currently provided through a contracted provider.  Lawrence County is currently in the process of forming a Hazardous Materials Response Team (Team 3700) to provide offensive response.  More information can be obtained here.