Public Safety Dive Team

In 2011, a Public Safety Dive Team was organized under the Lawrence County Department of Public Safety.  The team consists of divers from different disciplines, agencies and backgrounds in Lawrence County with a common purpose.

Current Officers:

Dive Captain         -    David B. Rishel
Training Officer    -    Jack Hitchen

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lawrence County Dive Team "3700" is to provide additional levels of response to our community with search and recovery services for both the community and professional services.

  • To expand our enrollment to all divers with interest to include police, fire, EMS and experienced divers in our community.
  • To reach 20 experienced divers and 10 line tender/haulers.
  • To be able to respond in a reasonable time frame for all needs within Lawrence County.
Minimum Qualifications and Training Requirements:
  • In order to be a member of the Lawrence County Public Safety Dive Team, the minimum certification shall be any recognized Open Water Diver (or its equivalent) with a minimum of 25 logged dives.  A recognized Advanced Open Water Diver (or its equivalent) is recommended.
  • In order to dive at an emergency scene, any new diver must have a minimum of 1 per quarter hands-on training in dive operations and search and rescue procedures with the Lawrence County Public Safety Dive Team.
  • Team training will occur on a monthly basis.  This training must include general dive operations and search and rescue operations.
  • Each diver must log each dive in his logbook in addition to completing a training sheet, which is to be turned into the training officer of the team.
  • Any diver not receiving the minimum annual training hours will not be permitted to dive at emergency scenes until the hours are completed.
For more information or to obtain an application for membership, contact us at